About us

Whiskey 4 Apparel strives to give you the motivation and ability to see that you can accomplish anything. 

Why Whiskey 4? Great question - Our grandfather, Werner W. Birkelbach (aka ‘Papa') was a glider pilot in WWII and took part in the D-day invasion of Normandy as well as the invasion of Holland. He lost a hard fought battle to cancer in 2003, however he was flying on a regular basis in his LS4 sailplane with the tail number W4 (Whiskey 4) until cancer made flying impossible.

He was an inspiration to everyone he came in contact with.  He did the unthinkable and fought with fearlessness and grit during WWII. He took that same fight into his head-on battle with cancer. W4 Apparel aims to inspire that same fearlessness and grit in others. Anything is possible.